I live my life every day to create impact, so working with PLUS ONE society is a natural fit.

The word IMPACT means you are a game changer.  To change the game one conversation, one moment, and one decision at a time no matter the sacrifice.

I realized at a young age in order to create impact the first step was simply to show up and support people that created change. Second, I needed to show up for myself to set the tone in which I want to elevate my life and change the world around me. I had to make myself available at times that were not always ideal, but I know could change the trajectory in someone else’s life.

Showing up for others also means creating powerful and impactful MOMENTS that will one day lead to powerful and impactful MOVEMENTS — moments create movements!

Anyone can be a part of one amazing moment, but it takes consistency, hard work, and leverage to turn all those little moments into one extraordinary movement, and movements are what change the world.

Throughout my journey I’ve had the opportunity to work directly within my community for the last 17 years. Whether I was on the front lines protesting at school boards, meeting with the Mayor to discuss discrimination issues, or building After School Programs at Self Enhancement, Inc. the key discovery is there isn’t just one way to have positive impact on a community or person. I am thankful that PLUS ONE society provides daily opportunities to be a part of impact as I continue to evolve in purpose and passion.

This now, massive, social impact agency that began by creating moments that connected good people with other good people is now a MOVEMENT that is driving positive change for the world by leveraging sports and entertainment. The ability to effectively brand and produce programs for Represent Justice is unmatched and for all of this to be led be a woman of color in a world and industry dominated by men is epic to watch!

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