Dear Black Community:

Welcome to Juneteenth 2020!

Let us honor our brothers and sisters that persevered before us and celebrate independence. We have the endurance, ingenuity and resources to run the race set before us; as long as we remain fiercely committed to our collective resolve to be free.

Freedom begins in the mind.

It is critical to understand and leverage the economic empowerment that is already within our means. According to the Nielson Company statistics, Black Americans have roughly $1.3 Trillion in gross spending power and only $26 Billion (2%) of that money is re-circulated in the black community.

Research also states that the black dollar will only recirculate for 6 hours compared to other ethnicities in which their dollars are recirculated for almost a month.

Wealth is the foundation to building affluent communities and generational prosperity. The process starts with reinvesting our dollars in Black-owned businesses.

First Steps to Accountability:

  1. Analyze Personal Spending — How Much is Supporting Black-Owned Businesses?
  2. Open a Bank Account at a Black-Owned Bank
  1. Research Black-Owned Businesses — Replace Daily Products and Specialty Services
  1. Be a Conscious Consumer — Make a Lifelong Commitment
  2. Tell a Friend! — Share and Promote Products/Businesses

Good News — there is substantial opportunity for economic growth! For every cent on the dollar reinvested into a black-owned business, product or service the community gains $13 Billion.

When we fight, we win!

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