Social justice is more deeply defined as a concept of fair and just relations between the individual and society as measured by the distribution of wealthopportunities for personal activity, and social privileges

Historically, marginalized members of society have focused on equality when their fight for social justice should really target equity. The step beyond equality is pushing for equitable opportunities for us all, which is arguably the most important component of social justice. 

Social justice simply means equal rights and equitable opportunities for all; a level playing field for every member of society.

An equitable system does not divide things in half if there are two groups — it takes into account other extenuating factors which may justify one group getting more than another.

For example, if Group A has 70 people and Group B has 30 people in an equitable system Group A would receive 70% of the resource and Group B would receive 30%.

As an agency, we believe it is our responsibility to challenge Clients to develop processes that produce equitable environments for all of their employees, partners and vendors.

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